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This site has been created, under the supervision of the European Commission, by the Chairman of the Performance Review Body as a temporary site during the development of the PRB tool kit. It is created to help you find the documents, sites, and other pieces of information you occasionally need from us in relation to the EU Single Sky. Future developments will transition the site to its final home as we find out what you need in this collaborative programme, and make it a sustainable resource for you for the future.


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This version Version 8.0 includes a number of new features aimed at improving the overall usefulness of the web site.




Firstly the log in zone now contains only material still under discussion and not yet approved by the EC. This is to aid Stakeholders in understanding what has been approved and what has not. Applications by States will be held on these pages as they are considered. Comments can be given in the form of feedback, which can be added by users of the web site on these pages. This will help in feedback to the PRB in meetings and discussions. The secure log in zone also enters your details into the e mail system should you wish to receive e mails from the PRB. You may unsubscribe from this at any time.


Approved material is also available to all without log in on the pages of approved plans. In some cases only partial approval is completed where this is the case the details are given on the approved pages if you wish to obtain information on the unapproved areas then you will need to log in. Only when the full process is completed does the information come out of the secure area. Comments cannot be added to approved information.

Announcements and News

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Norway has announced that due to increased traffic they have announced holding a user meeting to..

Dealyed publication06-Oct-2015

Dear Colleagues, I am sorry to say that I have had to delay publication of the two main..

Release Costs Exempt Report 201506-Oct-2015

The PRB Costs Exempt Report for 2015 is now available.For more reports go to the PRB Reort Libra..

Release of Reports02-Oct-2015

The final preparation of the reports from the PRB is in progress with a view to publicatio..

News: Study on Policy Options for modulation of charges in Single European Sky08-May-2015

The study report for the European Commission on the policy options for modulation of charges in..

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