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Welcome to the new site for the Performance Review Body of the European Commission. This site is has been transitioned from the temporary web site provided in RP1 and is now provided by the European Commission as the web home for the Performance Review Body. Over the coming six months furher enhancements will be made and new contact pages added to improve the understanding and management of ATM performance. Content comes from the PRB members, The European Commission, and Eurocontrol. 

Latest News​


​Closure of RP3 commenting period


​The next meeting of the NCP date has been agreed as the 17th Nov 2016


​The PRB will be hosting a workshop on RP3 deevelopments on 9th November 2016


For those that wish to have a copy of presnetations the slides are now published in full on the web site.


​The EC launches the consultation on the ex post evaluation of the Performance and Charging schemes. The consultation will last 12 weeks.


​This paper has been put together as a summary of views of the Performance Review Body  on Reference Period 3 Objectives.

Download paper


​The EC has published its evaluation roadmap of the achievements of RP1 as a better regulation initiative.


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