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Performance Review Body


Designated by the European Commission

Welcome to the information dashboard for the Performance Review Body

Welcome to the information dashboard for the EU Single Skies Performance System.

This site has been created, under the supervision of the European Commission, by the Chairman of the Performance Review Body as a temporary site during the development of the PRB tool kit. It is created to help you find the documents, sites, and other pieces of information you occasionally need from us in relation to the EU Single Sky. Future developments will transition the site to its final workspace as we find out what you need in this collaborative programme, and make it a sustainable resource for you for the future.


It does not represent any particular position, or provide commentary, but is there purely to provide a resource for all to find information easier, to register for events under the coordination of the PRB, or participate in discussion forums.


Documents and downloads are occasionally available here, and also on the respective sites of The European Commission and Eurocontrol. Where they have published online we provide a link for you to go from here to their web sites using the information dashboard page. We also provide an event registration system for the booking of places at events held on Performance by the PRB or European Commission. Please note the privacy policy and the sharing of data between us and the European Commission and Eurocontrol for this purpose.


If you have information, or you would like to have your site added as a link to this web site, report a broken link, ask us to remove a link, or wish to provide suggestions, on what you feel you would like to see from the PRB Dashboard then please feel free to contact the PRB Chairman at

Announcements and News

News PRB Meeting 3rd September 201422-Aug-2014

The details of the PRB meeting scheduled for the 3rd September are now available and you can reg..

News: New stakeholder section22-Jul-2014

We have updated the stakeholder section so that he has more information of interest to all. We a..

NEWS: Publication update14-Jul-2014

This weekend has seen the final checks of the 500 plus files we have been asked to publish to th..

Publication of material10-Jul-2014

The material submitted by Member States is nearing completion for publication. Submitted materia..

NEWS: Details of Submitted data19-Jun-2014

Today we have started to release the submitted data to the PRB which has been coming in from the..

NEWS: Migration of NSA Web site18-Jun-2014

The NSA section of this web site is now starting to move to the new SharePoint we are using for ..

NEWS: Updated information14-May-2014

A number of the States have updated their information for consultation recently. Please check to..

News: FABEC Belgium and Luxembourg Consultations07-May-2014

The details of the local consultations for Belgium and Luxembourg are now available for more informa..

News: Details of FAB Danube Consultations28-Apr-2014

The details of the FAB Danube consultations are now published you will find details on the follo..

News: France Consultation on Cost efficency28-Apr-2014

Please note that the date for the consultation on the French Cost Efficiency plan has been moved..

Event: NSA Workshop on Performance Issues12-Apr-2014

Registration has now opened for the next NSA Working group session on the 8th May 2014 in Brusse..

News: FAB CE Consultation08-Apr-2014

The details of the FAB CE consultation and its planning documentation are now available online at th..

News: FAB DKSE21-Mar-2014

New details have been given by the Chairman of the Performance Planning for the DKSE FAB. Regist..

News: Revised Cost of Capital Calculator20-Mar-2014

In the first version of this spreadsheet, there was a calculation error in cell N23 of the &ldqu..

NEWS: PRB Economics Workshop Presentation downloads12-Mar-2014

Today the report on the Pensions and Cost of Capital were presented in a PRB workshop. The prese..

News: Terminal Data Series13-Jan-2014

The November 2013 final Terminal ANS costs and charges data are now on-line on the PRB website: ..

News: PRB Launches new web site PRB V6.106-Jan-2014

Today the PRB launches the new web site which is bringing additional functionality to the progra..


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